Beit Midrash

Beit Midrash, the process of active learning, is the heart and core of Hevruta. Students receive a vast, deep and complex exposure to classical and modern Jewish texts through partnered learning and compelling discussion.

Core Classes

The core component of the academic program focuses on exploring the similarities and differences between the Jewish people in Israel and North America. The Hevruta curriculum is based on the Shalom Hartman Institute’s iEngage Project, which is designed to create a new narrative regarding the significance of Israel for Jewish life and Jews around the world.

The US-Engage program, designed specifically for Hevruta, addresses the challenges and opportunities of Jewish communities in North America. Additionally, students explore foundations of Jewish thought and engage in in-depth Talmud study.


Elective courses enable students to gain familiarity with great Jewish texts — both traditional and modern — to broaden their understanding of Jewish culture. Students choose courses each semester from a variety of sections, including Jewish history, halakha (Jewish law), gender, law and ethics, Jewish cinema, Hebrew literature, Jewish holidays, Kabbalah and Hasidism, modern Jewish philosophy, and Zionism.