Communal Service

Communal Service and Volunteering

Text study serves as the foundation and catalyst for Hevruta’s communal service and volunteer activities. Participants spend at least 16 hours a week in mentorship, internship and communal volunteer programs. Examples include:

Mentorships with prominent leaders in Jerusalem such as:

• MK, Rachel Azaria
• Founder and executive director of the Center for Women’s Justice
• Director of the Museum of Islamic Art

Internships with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) such as:

Shachen Tov (The Good Neighbor Association)
Yerushalmim Movement for a Vibrant and Pluralistic Jerusalem
Tag Meir. Read here an article by Zach describing his participation in Tag Meir.

Individual community volunteering such as:

• Tutoring children with special needs
• Serving as a Big Brother/Big Sister at One Family
• Visiting with Holocaust survivors